Why Visit ..!

Visiting Egy-Seafood Expo is a time and cost-efficient way to do business. With all the key international commercial fishing suppliers under one roof, you will have the opportunity to meet local and international suppliers from the international fishing industry keep up-to- date with new technologies, innovations and industry developments and network with industry colleagues and associations for three days Policy makers from the State and Central Government Fishery Institutions . Operators of shipping lines / reefer cargo / logistic supporters . Manufacturers/
Suppliers of electronic equipments, cleaning equipments etc . . Seafood Processors Hotel/Catering Firms .
Restaurants Buyers .
Distributor/ Wholesalers .
Supermarket/ Hypermarket Buyers  Importers/Exporters .
Cold Storage . there are many ways of sourcing product and supplier information, but only exhibitions allow you to put a supplier’ claims comprehensively to the test – by examining the
products for yourself, questioning their creators, and comparing and contrasting
their performance

There are many benefits to visit EGY-Seafood Exp

• See What’s New.
• Keep abreast of industry and market developments.
• To complete overview of seafood and fisheries industry in 3 days in one
• Interview seafood and fisheries operators, technology partners, and
operations experts.
• To compile a wide range of competitive information on products and suppliers
in a concentrated period of time.
• To consolidate business relationships.
• To find new markets.
• To discuss specific terms/conditions/pricing.
• To discuss business needs in a neutral environment
• Evaluate Products and Suppliers.
• To network with your business contacts.
• Tour the EGY-Seafood Expo, showcasing hundreds of technology solutions
& products.
• To solve specific problems.
• To appoint agents/seek principals.
• To obtain technical knowledge

EGY-Seafood Expo

is promoted extensively across Egypt and neighboring
countries to ensure that you will get the best quality and quantity of visitors

How will the visitors be targeted

Egy-SeaFoodExpo will be promoted exclusively to professional and trade visitors, through an extensive and carefully planned regional visitor promotional campaign. The highly targeted campaign is designed to attract key personnel in the private and public sectors that have the authority to buy, specify or recommend products. The campaign will target top VIP buyers from the region.

The show will be promoted to trade visitor throughout the region including

* 50000 tickets * Posters around the city * Marketing through commercial offices * Radio & T.V Advertisements * Street banners * Direct mailing to visitors' database * Trade Magazines ( in& out ) * Adv. through point of int"l trade * New paper articles and advertisement

EGY-Seafood Expo

Manufacturers, traders, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers in
aquaculture will be invited from senior hotels, supermarkets by newspaper,
magazines, televisions, websites, and emails
* Full show per-show and post editorial coverage in the official trade journals.
* Marketing through our agencies ( China, Turkey, Hong Kong, Thailand, India)
* Marketing through the Egyptian Commercial Service Department in the
Ministry of Trade& Industry in offices of ( Geneva, Vienna, Milan, Lusaka,
Portugal, Tunisia, Brazil, Spain, Malaysia, New- Delhi and Saudi- Arabia)