Who Exhibit ?

Seafood suppliers and products including
(fresh, processed, ready-made, dried -sea salt, sushi, fried, canned food,natural seasoning)
Freight forwarders and logistics services
Seafood processing machinery, fishing gear, fishing nets, fishing vesselequipment, Aquaculture facilities
Companies with services for the seafood and fisheries industry
Marine bio new materials, high functional materials made with marine life, cosmetics, health functional products, feed for aquiculture, fish medication, research achievements, marine resources application products
Seafood traders, Processors, Exporters, Importers, Aquaculturists, Hatchery Owners. Manufacturers of Processing/packaging machinery/equipmentmanufacturers .

More About  Exhibit ..

EGY-Seafood Expo Demonstrate your products to a greater cross section of visitors including
Franchisees, Distributors, Dealers, Exporters, Managing Directors/Directors of hotels, restaurants, and
.General Public are the target visitors