Why Exhibit ..!

Whether you want to reinforce your relationships or establish new ones, you'll
be reaching out directly to consumers looking for information on your products
Attendees come to the Expo to find information on the newest and most up-to-
date products and services
puts your company infront of owners, proprietors, executives, purchasing
managers (including purchasing of seafood, ingredients retail, foodservice,
equipment, services & packaging), category managers and private label program
directors/managers Introduceyour products to one of the largest and fastest
growing markets in the world and meet buyers and other key decision makers
,from almost all sectors of the economy .

  • Happy customers
  • expert members
  • years of experience
  • distinguished services

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is the fastest way to find markets for your products in Egypt and Middle East‛s seafood industry .

15years of experience
25expert members
145+Distinguished services

This is your opportunity..!

to launch new products, meet new buyers, learn . emerging trends, and access the global seafood market Making it the place to find the latest equipment, technology, packaging and services
EGY-Seafood Expo Demonstrate your products to a greater cross section of
visitors including Franchisees, Distributors, Dealers, Exporters, Managing Directors/Directors of hotels, restaurants, and General Public are the target visitors . 

• • Seafood suppliers and products includin

fresh,processed, ready-made, dried)
Freightforwardersand logistics services
Seafoodprocessingand packaging equipment Companieswithservices for the seafood industry Seafood traders, Processors, Exporters, Importers, Aquaculturists, Hatchery Owners Manufacturers of Processing/packaging machinery/equipment manufacturer